Blackberry Whisky Sour Cocktail Recipe

This original sour cocktail recipe features Lot No. 40 Dark Oak Rye Whisky and homemade blackberry syrup.

The rye’s caramel and wood spice flavors with pronounced hints of clove and peppermint, give the sour a unique personality and blend perfectly with the blackberry syrup.


2 oz Lot No. 40 Dark Oak Rye Whisky
2 oz Blackberry Syrup (recipe below)
1 oz Lemon Juice
1/2 Egg White


Shake all ingredients in a Boston shaker filled with ice and strain into a chilled martini glass. To get a rich and thick foam, shake all the ingredients without ice first.

Blackberry Syrup Recipe

This homemade syrup can be stored in the refrigerator for up to six months.


2 cups blackberries
2 cups granulated sugar
2 cups water


Heat the water and sugar in a saucepan over medium-high heat. Stir with a spoon to dissolve the sugar. When the sugar is dissolved, add the berries and simmer for 2 minutes.

Remove the saucepan from the heat, cover and let cool for 20-30 minutes.

When the syrup has cooled, strain through a colander lined with cheesecloth. Press the berries to release their juices. Discard the crushed berries and pour the syrup into a sealed jar. Store in the refrigerator. To help preserve the syrup, add one ounce of vodka to the finished syrup.